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I’ve been falling down the tumblr rabbit hole and I totally forgot about this thing. So anyway, here’s what I’ve been doing lately: That’s a 15th-century Mamluk book binding, based on a group of books in an exhibition at the … Continue reading

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The softest of owls

I didn’t finish my ¬†book before Kingdom A&S. I had very noble intentions! And I worked very hard! But the book became a book display, and while I got some flack for entering it in the open (hello, personal standards … Continue reading

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[SCA] Another recap

Yeah, I know I never got around to Thanksgiving. Well, suffice to say there was sari shopping and we found a chaat place local to my in-laws and then we didn’t do a lot because folks got sick. Anyhoo. Magna … Continue reading

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Hee hee. See what I did there? I made a bad pun. I know you’re super impressed.Anyway. I am frantically scrambling to make my house presentable for many costumed folks (not superheroes, though that would be totally awesome) and so … Continue reading

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Backing up a bit

The books stuff I’m working on now is not the only thing I’ve accomplished, book-wise, over the past month or so. I forgot to take photos, but here’s Master Lorenzo’s elevation gift (no, it’s not magic – he took some … Continue reading

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I am in love with endbands. No, really. It was necessary for me to sleep last night, so I had to quit but I didn’t want to. Also, did you know that if you hunch over something for six hours, … Continue reading

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What a weekend.

No, seriously. I had intended to clean house, which I sort of did, but then I did a lot of other stuff. And while that’s all well and good, I still need to clean my house. Oh, well. Anyway. Here’s … Continue reading

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O, Hai. I R indecisive.

Which seems to be my chief complaint, as far as the SCA and my participation goes. That is, I have changed my persona twice, and have changed names four times. I believe I’ll stick with the one I’ve got, but … Continue reading

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I know

Why I don’t save more money: I am impulsive. Like today, for example – on a whim, I went online and checked to see if there was a copy of Social Life in Medieval Rajasthan available, and lo and behold … Continue reading

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Some good news and some bad.

Not as bad as you think, but certainly irritating. First that (I like to finish on a positive note). Some weirdo friggin’ stole my hanging plants from off my porch! Bastards! Either they did it while I was in the … Continue reading

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