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Big things

Hang in there a bit longer – I’ve been working on a big bookbinding project. I promise posts once it’s done and I have more time free!

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Renaissance Festival

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend: go to the Renaissance Festival on a cooler day. You will feel better and also save money on bottled water. (Did you know the RenFest has a monopoly on water? They do. If … Continue reading

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Oh, Wonder Husband

I do not know that you realized the risk associated with training the cat to sit on your shoulder. Yes, he is an adorable, fuzzy pirate accessory. And yes, he does seem to like it. However, there is this: “AH … Continue reading

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This will be short and sweet. 1. I am a designer. Designers are beginning to need to design things for iPads (even me, actually). 2. I am not made of money. 3. This is a perfect solution. Provided I’m that … Continue reading

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S&W shopping

Do not fear, gentle reader! I did do the requisite S&W shopping. And here are my purchases: Silk, merino and cashmere blend roving from Creatively Dyed Yarns. We hit this booth up first every year. I brought some yarn from … Continue reading

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S&W, day three!

Day the last. OKAY. So. Sunday was Mother’s Day and while my own mother lives rather far away, I was rather near to WH’s mom and his grandmother, so we woke up bright and early and went out with them … Continue reading

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Sheep and Wool, Part 2

In which we actually go to the Sheep and Wool festival. We got up all bright and early and, eschewing a wholesome breakfast in favor of delicious bagels (vacation is carte blanche for that). The first year we went, it … Continue reading

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Epic post is epic.

Which is why you get it in installments! Lo, here is day one of the yearly fiber adventure! In which we misestimate how long it takes to get from Atlanta to Maryland, and have some lady-type adventures on the way. … Continue reading

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Take that, mediocre photos!

I do a lot of complaining about my iPhone’s photo quality. Now, I recognize that the iPhone is a wonderful piece of technology, and I am thrilled at being able to tweet the random things I see on the road … Continue reading

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Giganto embroidery project

I am slowly making some progress, but it is so slow. Mostly because I’m attempting to embroider all the diamond shapes on a three-yard piece of fabric, using my tambour hook, and also a cheapo embroidery hoop. I had championed … Continue reading

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