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Oh, Wonder Husband

I do not know that you realized the risk associated with training the cat to sit on your shoulder. Yes, he is an adorable, fuzzy pirate accessory. And yes, he does seem to like it. However, there is this: “AH … Continue reading

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Epic post is epic.

Which is why you get it in installments! Lo, here is day one of the yearly fiber adventure! In which we misestimate how long it takes to get from Atlanta to Maryland, and have some lady-type adventures on the way. … Continue reading

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French toast

Atlanta, you are so charming, bless your heart. It snowed last night, for quite a while. My evening class was cancelled (I gave my students homework, anyhow – no getting off that easily), and this morning my car was pretty … Continue reading

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It is so totally Halloween already!

I challenge you to say otherwise. Okay, so you probably will. But I have evidence to the contrary! Observe: EXHIBIT A I wore a costume to work today. It was so blingy. And I had a blast. I even got … Continue reading

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