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Aw man.

I am such a huge dork. See, I just had a conversation with Baobh’s husband, wherein I declared my undying love for Alexander Hamilton. Isn’t he dreamy? Oh, you know he is. I mean, just look at that noble nose … Continue reading

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Not exciting in that sort of way.

My weekend was exciting, but the sort of exciting you’re glad to be done with. I shall explain. The good part was looking after Allison‘s cat, who is awesome and likes my husband much more than she likes me (this … Continue reading

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My awesome friend

Sometimes, in my self-righteous rants about peace and the government and what we are or aren’t doing as a nation, I forget that there are real people out there living through all that on a day-to-day basis (by that, I … Continue reading

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Today is

a new sort of casual day. Gone is the Casual Friday when you wear chinos and polo shirts. Gone even is a Casual Friday of jeans and t-shirts! No, I have made a personal decision for the summertime that the … Continue reading

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Some more of what I did.

But first, some neat links. The Baloney Detection Kit (and no, I don’t mean the lunch meat; if I did, I would have spelled it bologna) Homeless Guy Smashes Other Homeless Guy Upside the Head With Skateboard During Physics Argument … Continue reading

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Specifically, sandals. (Again, the disclaimer – I am American, of English and German ancestry. I am really really impressed by rather mundane Indian things. If you are similarly American, you may be impressed. If not, well, be patient with me.) … Continue reading

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Today I am thankful

That I live in a democratic nation where we have the freedom to speak our minds, to go about our business unmolested as long as we don’t impair the ability of others to do so, to vote on our officials … Continue reading

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Further entries

In the annals of Weird Search Terms People Have Used To Locate This Blog: “sexi film heavy knitters” Huh? This is a whole new fetish/subculture. Heavy knitters? Is that like heavy metal? If so, it sounds awesome. And if it’s … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday

And in Hotlanta it’s, well, hot. So if you’re sitting inside your nicely air-conditioned house lamenting the fact that the heat is keeping you from doing the outside things you wanted to do, I’ve got a replacement. This should make … Continue reading

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This needs no explanation:

In the category of “Things I’m Sharing About India That Are Awesome,” I submit this sample: Hell. Yes. I need to call that dance studio I found that teaches Kathak so that I can get my groove on.

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