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Frakkin’ toaster.

It’s all very clear now. While watching Due South, season 3, I was really unsettled and unhappy with what the husband and I like to call “Fake Vecchio.” In that the real Vecchio disappeared, and an impostor finished the rest … Continue reading

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Okay, lace.

I get it. This is a learning experience. I am building character. I am on to you. Remember this bit of lace knitting I talked about a while back? It’s the Muir shawl from Knitty. It’s really quite pretty. Doug … Continue reading

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Dear bastards who stole my porch furniture:

1. That’s completely not cool. 2. If you’re going to steal from somebody, steal from somebody who can afford it. 3. I hate you Die in a fire, Happygoth

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Lace, you vex me.

I have picked up a hibernating project in the past couple of days, after becoming frustrated that the Interlocking Leaves sock I finished was bound-off too tightly (I am undoing it and will re-do it using a sewn  bind-off). And … Continue reading

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Navel-gazing, part 4

(Nobody needs a stretch Hummer. Photo from here.) I’ve been very introspective of late, if you didn’t notice already. So here’s the latest thing to occupy my brain: I wonder what would  happen if the market for “wants” suddenly vanished. … Continue reading

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Hello, Monday!

Not bad, as these things go. The weekend was so incredibly full that today felt like a tiny break. Today I went to work and then afterward mowed the lawn with a manual mower, which gave me a great sense … Continue reading

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Stuff this week, condensed version.

I have been rather busy. So here’s what has gone on lately: 1. Finished the Rivendell socks! Ends not woven in. But still finished. 2. Made progress on the Interlocking Leaves socks. This is also an accomplishment. I hardly recognize … Continue reading

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Why I knit, #29

[Funnily enough, this is a line for exactly the same sort of thing I’m talking about, only in a different location, and taken by cafemama, who I do not know, but feel camraderie with, as she and I  have obviously … Continue reading

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Things are going pretty much better than usual. I have: ♦ Entertained friends for the weekend. ♦ Taken said friends to the drive-in for a double feature of GI Joe and Transformers 2 (GI Joe is superior to Transformers 2, … Continue reading

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On vacation!

Not blogging, except to say that there are figs in the oven, and we’re doing a double feature of Transformers and GI: Joe at the drive-in. I have stuffed myself with much food today.

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