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BMR: Khhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

(From the epiglottis) [Number whatever in the Bollywood Movie Reviews] So. The Chicken Goddess and I, as has been mentioned before, were thrilled about seeing My Name Is Khan. Oh, were we in for a surprise. First, let me say … Continue reading

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You just need a little extra something to remind you that you’re loved: I mean, I know he loves me, but the husband giving me this bouquet of flowers was some extra icing on the cake. I’ve only ever been … Continue reading

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Weekend wrap-up

Many things happened this weekend. Firstly – we went and saw a live wrestling performance in Avondale Estates (after having some pizza at Savage Pizza). While I enjoyed the wrestling (Platinum Championship Wrestling), I think I would have preferred it … Continue reading

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Curling is metal

Okay, so there are only 6 more days until you don’t have to hear me blathering about curling. But in the meantime, there is this: METAL.

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Oh, Friday

I have been lacking in the motivation lately and the weekend looms, which means more non-blogging, but will involve My Name is Khan (!). Anyway. Today I translated some of a Hindi song into English for Mr. Jaipur, only not … Continue reading

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I blame you, SRK

No, really. Sorry to have been a slacker with the blogging lately, but it has been an SRK-fest in the world of Happygoth and The Chicken Goddess (wouldn’t that be an awesome amusement park?), which means that nothing else has … Continue reading

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It’s snowing outside in Atlanta! (And it appears as though everyone has freaked out in advance so the streets are not too bad so far.)

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So busy

I will get back to blogging, but my life went KABOOM and now I have no time and did I mention FarScape (I think I did, repeatedly), so there you go. Firstly, HRITHIK ROSHAN IS ON TWITTER. TWITTER. It has … Continue reading

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Some things I am good at. Others? Not so much. My mom brought some dhokla mix to share, and so instead of cooking it in a pressure cooker (like I think you’re supposed to), I cooked it in a big … Continue reading

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This weekend was wild, and I don’t remember a lot of it, except for the part on Saturday where I got real busy and then my mom showed up (in garb) and then we went to court and ate dinner … Continue reading

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