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Turmeric Rice

I have been making acquaintances with the woman who works at the convenience store around the corner. As part of this, and also because gas is expensive, I have been requesting special things from her, in order to try and … Continue reading

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Red Tower

Sorry for no DragonCon posts – I’m still sorting through photos. However, Red Tower this weekend was an excellent success, and the South Downs has a rockin’ new Baron and Baroness (one of whom is Blogless Lea) and there was … Continue reading

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Weekend wrap-up

Many things happened this weekend. Firstly – we went and saw a live wrestling performance in Avondale Estates (after having some pizza at Savage Pizza). While I enjoyed the wrestling (Platinum Championship Wrestling), I think I would have preferred it … Continue reading

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Some things I am good at. Others? Not so much. My mom brought some dhokla mix to share, and so instead of cooking it in a pressure cooker (like I think you’re supposed to), I cooked it in a big … Continue reading

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I haven’t gotten much done lately, although I did go out for some wicked ramen and then made some onigiri, right in my own kitchen. I made one by hand but it was merely ok. I have asked the husband … Continue reading

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I rarely get inspired to cook. That’s not really my medium, and when you’ve got a husband who loves it and is a talented and creative cook, the motivation to do your own cooking is rare. However, I am completely … Continue reading

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Okay. So.

I am really sleepy today, but then I made pulao and while it didn’t help with the sleepy, it did get me inspired to see what other things I could make. And then I found the Vah Chef. And this … Continue reading

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Well, that’s over.

[Photo from here.] I really shouldn’t feel that way about the Easter season. Really. But I do. I mean, I like the whole bit of pomp and circumstance that accompanies it, even if I don’t attend Good Friday services or … Continue reading

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