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Not-so-productive weekend

This weekend I accomplished the following: Wrote an extremely long, confusing rundown/how-to on shopping for SCA purposes in Indian shops Saw Underworld: Awakening with Jennie and T. It was worth the matinee price, but I’m glad I didn’t see it … Continue reading

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Crazy project is still crazy

But I found some time to make delicious chicken meatballs: (Obviously have not spent much time cleaning my kitchen. That will come soon.) We ate those things for so long, and I’m so sad they’re gone. The last few found … Continue reading

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S&W, day three!

Day the last. OKAY. So. Sunday was Mother’s Day and while my own mother lives rather far away, I was rather near to WH’s mom and his grandmother, so we woke up bright and early and went out with them … Continue reading

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AAAAARGH. CANNOT USE VISUAL MODE IN WORDPRESS. INTERNET FAIL. Good thing I know some HTML, right? ANYWAY. I got all ambitious over the weekend, and tackled the SabjiMata palak paneer recipe. I know, I know, I could’ve made some great … Continue reading

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[Navel-Gazing] How did I not know that?

(Jalebi used to gross me right the hell out. Now, though? Mmmm… delicious. Image from here.) There’s this interesting thing that happens as you begin to learn more about things you didn’t know anything about – things that surprised you … Continue reading

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(If a pug could talk, I imagine it’d sound a lot like this fellow. Oh, Rigel. I adore you for you are so cranky. I generally prefer the crankiest characters, such as Ted Grant, my favorite Justice Society member.) SO! … Continue reading

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I haven’t gotten much done lately, although I did go out for some wicked ramen and then made some onigiri, right in my own kitchen. I made one by hand but it was merely ok. I have asked the husband … Continue reading

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I rarely get inspired to cook. That’s not really my medium, and when you’ve got a husband who loves it and is a talented and creative cook, the motivation to do your own cooking is rare. However, I am completely … Continue reading

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Okay. So.

I am really sleepy today, but then I made pulao and while it didn’t help with the sleepy, it did get me inspired to see what other things I could make. And then I found the Vah Chef. And this … Continue reading

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What a weekend.

And, yarn. The yarn I dyed myself! All the colorways, in all their glory. From left to right: Violet Wand, Grape 12, Circulatory System, and *unnammed colorway because Jennie dyed it*. Pretty good for a first go-round, I think. Violet … Continue reading

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