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Finished Objects

One fits, one does not. First, the thing that fits. True to my usual mode of operation, I began the Interlocking Leaves socks a long, long time ago. Like a year. Maybe two (so long that I’ve forgotten how long … Continue reading

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TEDx and the SCA

I have been wrestling with the greater meaning of the SCA in my life for several months now, primarily because at work I’m surrounded by people who spend their free time doing Important Things. For example, two of my coworkers … Continue reading

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Special surprise blog post! Today is the third TEDxAtlanta, and it promises to be awesome (last time around Zoe Keating played, and that was also awesome). Even better, you can watch it online! TEDxAtlanta Hie thee and observe. This TEDxAtlanta … Continue reading

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[Navel-Gazing] How did I not know that?

(Jalebi used to gross me right the hell out. Now, though? Mmmm… delicious. Image from here.) There’s this interesting thing that happens as you begin to learn more about things you didn’t know anything about – things that surprised you … Continue reading

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I have been on a big patterning kick lately. I think there comes a time in learning where you aren’t satisfied with copying what someone else has done (except in piano, where I’m totally happy playing other folks’ compositions) and … Continue reading

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I’m on Lesson 3!

And that’s the short form of my language lesson progress. The long form is that for the past week and a half (two weeks?) I’ve been plugging away at LiveMocha, and have made some decent progress. I can now: Say … Continue reading

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[Navel-Gazing] The learning curve

Well, more specifically the variations between learning curves and my recent experience with them. I find that mental things have a much steeper learning curve than physical things, depending on previous experience with similar physical things. For example, if you’ve … Continue reading

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Back to the books again.

So I am back to learning Hindi again, a little more so this time. I had given it up for a while, as I got almost to learning new verbs and the couldn’t memorize them or remember postpositions or remember … Continue reading

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