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Doggie Saga

I had been on a pretty good “making things” streak, but am sort of stalled because of this little lady: Isn’t she cute? Well, if you think so and also think “I wish I could have a dog just like … Continue reading

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Snow day

This past week was full of crazy and I have discovered that when I need to slow down, my life makes me slow down. Most of the time this means I get a rotten cold. Today (and maybe tomorrow) it … Continue reading

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To do list update

Probably boring, but it’s keeping me to task. 1. Get the floors refinished. (DONE. Made a blog post.) 2. Install ceiling fans in the two smaller bedrooms, as they are stuffy. (DONE. Ceiling fans make a gigantic difference. It took … Continue reading

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TEDx and the SCA

I have been wrestling with the greater meaning of the SCA in my life for several months now, primarily because at work I’m surrounded by people who spend their free time doing Important Things. For example, two of my coworkers … Continue reading

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Special surprise blog post! Today is the third TEDxAtlanta, and it promises to be awesome (last time around Zoe Keating played, and that was also awesome). Even better, you can watch it online! TEDxAtlanta Hie thee and observe. This TEDxAtlanta … Continue reading

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It’s snowing outside in Atlanta! (And it appears as though everyone has freaked out in advance so the streets are not too bad so far.)

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French toast

Atlanta, you are so charming, bless your heart. It snowed last night, for quite a while. My evening class was cancelled (I gave my students homework, anyhow – no getting off that easily), and this morning my car was pretty … Continue reading

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Moar chain-stitch

Plus pizza. The fiber of today’s friday is not the yarn kind, but instead my current obsession, which is chain-stitch embroidery. (I went looking for examples of this sort of thing, and wanted CC-licensed stuff, and lo and behold this … Continue reading

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[Trader Vic’s, from roland’s flickr photostream] Atlaneans? I like that better. Anyway. I have something imperative for all of you to try. If you get some extra cash and a free Thursday, go to the Hilton downtown and take the … Continue reading

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Pretty decent, so far.

This weekend has been, at least. I didn’t sleep in this morning, but I have discovered that this is not such a bad thing. I ended up finishing some artwork I had needed to finish, and did 4 loads of … Continue reading

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