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And then (more music)

After an intense period of insomniac self-reflection last night, I came to the following realization: I just really, really like music. With the exception of a lot of ballady R&B, most rap, and the harder end of metal (my tastes … Continue reading

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Boy Bands, a little late

  O hai Big Bang. But I have to ask, Taeyang – what’s up with that turtleneck? Sneeeeaky. (Apologies in advance for the folks for whom this post is entirely irrelevant. When I asked my husband if he was into … Continue reading

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I can’t sing.

(Photo by flickr user fofurasfelinas.) This is a complete surprise to me, actually, since I was in choir in junior high. Anyway. As part of a 64 Kalas (the 64 skills laid out by the Kamasutra as making up a … Continue reading

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I know Rag Bhairav!

No, really. I’ve watched Dhoom 2 five times (or more), and so I know what I didn’t know I know. (More later, but this is so completely awesome that I had to share it now.)

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My head is full of fluid.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way (the announcement of the fluid, that is; it remains in my head), I saw Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants on Friday. Also I saw Sabrina, Wendi and their friend … Continue reading

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Book aaargh

Is what I’ve been having lately. I’ve been working on a book for Magna Faire, and have borked it up twice already. We’ll see if the third time is the charm. So in lieu of sharing my grump with you … Continue reading

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[Trader Vic’s, from roland’s flickr photostream] Atlaneans? I like that better. Anyway. I have something imperative for all of you to try. If you get some extra cash and a free Thursday, go to the Hilton downtown and take the … Continue reading

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Friggin’ sweet.

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