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AAAAARGH. CANNOT USE VISUAL MODE IN WORDPRESS. INTERNET FAIL. Good thing I know some HTML, right? ANYWAY. I got all ambitious over the weekend, and tackled the SabjiMata palak paneer recipe. I know, I know, I could’ve made some great … Continue reading

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Hi, not crazy.

Well, maybe a little. HOWEVER. Superman is indeed real, and lo here is video proof: Okay, okay. So his name is actually Alexander Rae and not Clark Kent. But nonetheless, he is the best Superman I’ve ever encountered (ever) and, … Continue reading

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Ooh, fancy.

I’m sort of passable when it comes to sari draping, mostly because I’m very stubborn and do a lot of practicing. My pleats are pretty neat. However, I’m not so hot with the pallu. I can’t ever seem to get … Continue reading

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WH is a pirate

Okay, so not so much in the pillaging, smelly, scallywag kind of way, but he does have a shoulder pet. Being a land pirate, he has a shoulder cat. Observe: Yep. Cute, right? Kind of like an owl. An owl … Continue reading

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I am currently growing my hair (a) because I am too lazy/cheap to get it cut and (b) to see how long it will grow (my mom’s hair reached her ankles at one point, so the genes are there). However, … Continue reading

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thanks, Dawn!

My coworker and friend Dawn does these amazing parties and bridal showers and weddings. She makes things for them, and brainstorms awesome decor. She’s trying to do it more publicly, as a professional, and needed business cards, and so she … Continue reading

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I am a lazy bum. I know this. And really, I have no excuse, except for a very flimsy one, which is that I only have an iPhone for photography, and I am ashamed of the photos it takes. But … Continue reading

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Regarding Friday’s post.

Haha. April Fool. (Except that you probably already guessed that.)

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Monster Trucks!

So you all may have noticed that this blog has be a little slow lately, and now I’m telling you the reason. On the trip to Gulf Wars, we passed by Talladega speedway. Back home I got to researching NASCAR … Continue reading

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