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Well, isn’t that special.

In my usual tradition, I dressed up at work for Halloween. I’ll be something else on the day itself, but today I have a funeral-themed party to go to, so it was church lady all the way. I feel that … Continue reading

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Wait, this is a craft blog.

Right? Aha. Yeah. So I really have been doing things. In fact, lots. (Which is why I haven’t been blogging). Thing one: This is really what’s been taking up my time. I’m having company soon, and my house needs cleaning, … Continue reading

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I can’t sing.

(Photo by flickr user fofurasfelinas.) This is a complete surprise to me, actually, since I was in choir in junior high. Anyway. As part of a 64 Kalas (the 64 skills laid out by the Kamasutra as making up a … Continue reading

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To do list update

Probably boring, but it’s keeping me to task. 1. Get the floors refinished. (DONE. Made a blog post.) 2. Install ceiling fans in the two smaller bedrooms, as they are stuffy. (DONE. Ceiling fans make a gigantic difference. It took … Continue reading

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