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I am very not Welsh

Which, in light of my recent addiction to Torchwood, makes me sad. I am, however, solidly Anglo Saxon, Scottish, northern French, Swiss, and Prussian.  I’m sad about the Welsh. It was a nice heritage to claim (my dad said that … Continue reading

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Another thing that falls under “design”

I warned you at the start; this isn’t all knitting (but I’m not, either, so it’s okay). Normally I’m kind of counter-Gap, except when I was in high school and when they have ridiculously awesome sales and I can get … Continue reading

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I finished a whole pair of socks!

But I can’t find my camera cable, so I submit these for your amusement (via I Can Has Cheezburger?): And And that is all for now.

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And now for something completely different.

In case you were having trouble visualizing the crazy rantings of the Creationists, here are some handy visual aids: Dispensational Charts by Clarence Larkin I see now! It all makes complete sense! Or something.

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Knitting helps in business

No, really it does. I had to go out of town this past week for a client’s annual meeting, and my portion involved helping put together PowerPoint presentations for the various VPs of a carpet manufacturer. I was waiting at … Continue reading

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