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[Image from here.] Last night while working on a crazy embroidery project (note: I have never actually completed an embroidery project, so this is kind of a leap), I watched some old Superman cartoons on Netflix. I never really realized … Continue reading

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While this may look like yet another hobby it is, in fact, ancillary to one of my main hobbies, which is medieval islamic bookbinding (hey – I do have some normal hobbies, like knitting and comic books). I’ve been working … Continue reading

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I love dancing. I made up little dances as a child, and then took Irish dance in high school (like Riverdance, only I quit before we got to the noise-making hardshoe part). In college, for my P.E. requirement, I took … Continue reading

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Finished Objects

One fits, one does not. First, the thing that fits. True to my usual mode of operation, I began the Interlocking Leaves socks a long, long time ago. Like a year. Maybe two (so long that I’ve forgotten how long … Continue reading

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Snow day

This past week was full of crazy and I have discovered that when I need to slow down, my life makes me slow down. Most of the time this means I get a rotten cold. Today (and maybe tomorrow) it … Continue reading

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Saree Spree

This holiday season was a great one for sarees. My birthday is early in November, so it’s pretty much two months of back-to-back holidays for me, what with Diwali, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, my wedding anniversary, Christmas and the new … Continue reading

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