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Overambitious creativity

No, really. I don’t mean this as negatively as it sounds. It’s more a statement of fact. I am my own worst enemy. In no particular order, I can do the following things: marble paper, embroider, knit, sew, paint, draw, … Continue reading

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While this may look like yet another hobby it is, in fact, ancillary to one of my main hobbies, which is medieval islamic bookbinding (hey – I do have some normal hobbies, like knitting and comic books). I’ve been working … Continue reading

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This weekend was wild, and I don’t remember a lot of it, except for the part on Saturday where I got real busy and then my mom showed up (in garb) and then we went to court and ate dinner … Continue reading

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Before I became a graphic designer, I was a fine artist. I made gigantic collages out of stacks and stacks of the same magazine (all Time, or all fashion magazines, etc) plus these weird contour drawings I painted over with … Continue reading

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O, Hai. I R indecisive.

Which seems to be my chief complaint, as far as the SCA and my participation goes. That is, I have changed my persona twice, and have changed names four times. I believe I’ll stick with the one I’ve got, but … Continue reading

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Why I Knit, #20

Wooo! 20! I feel like I have accomplished something today! (Note to self – brainstorm accomplishment for tomorrow) I knit, because it can be really beautiful: [The creator of the awesomeness says: “This is a small prototype of what I’ll … Continue reading

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