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New Book, Part 2

So with the block completed, the block is ready for covering. Which is infinitely more difficult than I had anticipated. European-style binders, I respect you in new ways now. Anyway, first came lacing the covers onto the block, via the … Continue reading

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New book

More different than before. As in, this time it’s European! Gothic, to be precise. And I’m kind of loving the process. Anyway, short story is that Baroness Marie, my one-time apprentice sister, is being elevated to the Order of the … Continue reading

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Dye all the things!

(All the thanks ever to THL Jerusha for taking the photos in this post; I am most often taking the photos, and therefore I don’t appear in many, so I am immensely grateful to friends who are shutterbugs.) I now … Continue reading

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Book, right?

Yes. Now that I’m not binding it, I can talk about it. (Will be a series of two posts today.) I bound a book a couple of years ago and have been doing mad research since then to improve my … Continue reading

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I promised!

And I’m delivering. I said I’d have photos of the 4-hour garb on me, and here they are (thanks to Lord Yul and Master Lorenzo for their camera skills): At Crossroads of Jerusalem this past weekend. I needed some garb … Continue reading

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This weekend was wild, and I don’t remember a lot of it, except for the part on Saturday where I got real busy and then my mom showed up (in garb) and then we went to court and ate dinner … Continue reading

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Backing up a bit

The books stuff I’m working on now is not the only thing I’ve accomplished, book-wise, over the past month or so. I forgot to take photos, but here’s Master Lorenzo’s elevation gift (no, it’s not magic – he took some … Continue reading

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