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I promised!

And I’m delivering. I said I’d have photos of the 4-hour garb on me, and here they are (thanks to Lord Yul and Master Lorenzo for their camera skills): At Crossroads of Jerusalem this past weekend. I needed some garb … Continue reading

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4-hour garb

I have done something I thought was impossible for me. I have perfected the art of Quick Garb (TM). Oh, yes. Let me show you it: (Yeah, I know – it’s basically a big pile of blue fabric with some … Continue reading

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Their hands would catch fire and fall off.

Since I spent last night watching you-know-what and making a zillion (10) bookbinding kits, here’s an awesome video about Pringle of Scotland sweaters/jumpers instead: (via Drawn!) Yesssssss. I need to watch this a zillion (10) more times. (“And they [other … Continue reading

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Aha, trenchcoat

I’m still watching the Highlander, in what is probably my most epic TV series marathon yet. I’m halfway through Season 3. We meet Methos soon. I’m excited about that (I was always fond of that character). So, anyway, this has … Continue reading

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Today is going to be a long day. See, when I was in school, the grad kind, I got very little sleep. I’d get up around 8, get ready, grab my stuff, go to class, and then I’d do one … Continue reading

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Filipe bests the White Eater

Filipe bests the White Eater, originally uploaded by Friday Feltz. I am not entirely sure what it is I am looking at, but I can’t stop looking at it. This sort of sums up how I feel today (loooooong weekend, … Continue reading

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Megacon 2010, the recap

SO. This blog is great and it gets written in a lot when I don’t have much going on, but lately that has been NEVER and also that applies to knitting. But in the meantime, I went to MegaCon, and … Continue reading

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Missing Greyhound

If you’re in Atlanta, keep an eye out for this handsome fellow: He’s fresh off the track, and has been lost all weekend. If you see him, call Jenn and Jason and let them know. Thanks!

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Has run out of happy (in other words: I have a mondo cold) This is how it feels inside my head. Which, incidentally, might also be what it feels like to be a balloon.

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My head is full of fluid.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way (the announcement of the fluid, that is; it remains in my head), I saw Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants on Friday. Also I saw Sabrina, Wendi and their friend … Continue reading

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