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Okay, I lied

There is something else. Stitch Lamp It’s a lamp that you decorate yourself, a la needlepoint. Normally I’d be skeptical but the example is so lovely that I am won over. I wonder how easy it would be to replicate … Continue reading

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It’s Friday!

Finally. I still feel less than perky, but there’s a They Might Be Giants show this evening, and even better than that, a TMBG show for which Jonathan Coulton is opening! Yesssss. Perhaps beer will help me feel better. Sorry. … Continue reading

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Why I don’t get more done, the long answer

(In conversation with myself, or the part of myself that is smarter than I and often gets ignored.) ME: Why is it that I didn’t get anything done this week? Why is all this stuff still left undone? I did … Continue reading

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Blog Award

I rarely shy away from self-aggrandizement. Okay, so maybe I do. But I will be the first to admit that I’ve never been devoured by bears. If you feel you deserve a blog award, go here and pick one! You … Continue reading

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Things done as of today

1. Finished the buttons! I put them in a ziploc bag. The husband says they look like blueberries. They do, sort of. 2. Re-discovered The Highlander TV series, and found it to be less awesome than I remembered. It has … Continue reading

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There was a time when this blog was about knitting. There was a time, too, when I was actually doing more than a couple of rows of knitting a month. That time is no more. Now? Now we have buttons: … Continue reading

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