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And now for the lists

Not the fighting kind (wherein I don’t do anything other than sit around, drink furtively, and sometimes nap. Or knit. But not at the same time. No, I’m talking about the “of things to do” kind. Buying the house has … Continue reading

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Lack of posts

Is due to this purchase: Which I made this afternoon. Makes it sound so casual, doesn’t it? Like, oh, I went out to the mall and bought a house. (And I might agree with you, if I hadn’t just promised … Continue reading

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So. In order to prove that I actually do stuff while I’m not blogging, I’ve got photographic proof (at the end, because I’m not sure yet how to insert photos in the middle of iPhone posts). Last weekend I piled … Continue reading

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My Cat

He’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

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Whee. Yay for non-consistent blog updating. Or something. Anyway. Life is huge right now, and I’m sort of unmotivated (trust me, you’ve fared better than LJ, which has heard me whine pretty consistently lately). But I did stuff. I have: … Continue reading

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Keep on hanging in there

So. No new stuff lately, except for the following, summed up very well by Jennie, who went through this a while before me: Yep. That pretty much sums it up. Well, all except for my surprise when I saw that … Continue reading

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