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Back at it.

I know. I was a bad blogger, but I have a personal policy of not blogging on vacation. I spend most of my time on the computer, so I really  like that I didn’t even check my email every day … Continue reading

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Book aaargh

Is what I’ve been having lately. I’ve been working on a book for Magna Faire, and have borked it up twice already. We’ll see if the third time is the charm. So in lieu of sharing my grump with you … Continue reading

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I can has nap?

I want one. I don’t have anything worth showing off, other than wearing the green sari to a work party (I felt elegant all day), and since I can’t find photos of that I guess I don’t have it to … Continue reading

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I do too much.

(I got all excited seeing this photo, because I haven’t seen color like this in Georgia yet this year and then I noticed it was taken in 2008. I did see one yellow tree, though.)   Weekend recap, if you … Continue reading

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So that I don’t forget later

Bollywood posters made into tote bags! They’re pretty cheap, too. And as I’m in the midst of working out a difficult Mughal-era garment reconstruction, I have nothing else to share today.

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I’m on Lesson 3!

And that’s the short form of my language lesson progress. The long form is that for the past week and a half (two weeks?) I’ve been plugging away at LiveMocha, and have made some decent progress. I can now: Say … Continue reading

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Tuesday fashion show!

A while back I mentioned that I had received some Indian clothes from the coworker of my father-in-law. Last night, I set up the tripod and we took some snazzy photos (wow – that sounds so suspicious when I type … Continue reading

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Why I knit, #32

Because I am never bored, as long as I remember my knitting. Yep. So we went to get an emissions test, and while we waited we stood outside in the sun, which was lovely, and I started to get bored. … Continue reading

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Camembert is a perfect end to this week

(just look at that curly mop!) I have just a little left, and I am happy about that. So I had intended to be all sorts of productive last night, but then I got online and had a real conversation … Continue reading

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[Navel-Gazing] The learning curve

Well, more specifically the variations between learning curves and my recent experience with them. I find that mental things have a much steeper learning curve than physical things, depending on previous experience with similar physical things. For example, if you’ve … Continue reading

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