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Fiber Friday, Noro edition

Some de-stash that will probably be used as a gift for somebody. Not my colors, but fun to knit with. Today’s fiber Friday is a bit of a mix. On one hand, the fiber is lovely-looking. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Hooray for the internet.

Or perhaps oh noes, internet. It’s a combination of the two. This weekend was the first truly relaxed weekend I’ve had in a while. Friday night the husband and I tried the “persian burrito” place that just opened on Piedmont, … Continue reading

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I am sad that Southwest doesn’t fly into Atlanta

And this is one of the reasons. No way to tell for sure that this sort of thing would happen, but go Southwest. Via Succeed Blog.

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Thank you, Umair Haque

For saying the things I’m too angry to articulate. Also follow his link to Larry Lessig’s speech. Mr. Lessig is good at being articulate and reasonable, too. Me? I’m just all grrr arrrrgh gah.

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Bye, 500!

(I took this photo by accident but I kind of like it.) This is post #501! Which means that the last post (the one about onigiri) was my 500th, and that is so awesome. So. No contest, because I’m really … Continue reading

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I haven’t gotten much done lately, although I did go out for some wicked ramen and then made some onigiri, right in my own kitchen. I made one by hand but it was merely ok. I have asked the husband … Continue reading

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I have been on a big patterning kick lately. I think there comes a time in learning where you aren’t satisfied with copying what someone else has done (except in piano, where I’m totally happy playing other folks’ compositions) and … Continue reading

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I did no knitting yesterday

Or the day before that, or the day before that, or all of last week. I’ve been working late. And because I’m a dork like that, here is my running train of thought for ALL OF YESTERDAY (because I know … Continue reading

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You’re lurking.

I know you are. I often wonder who reads this blog, aside from the folks who comment or tell me they read this blog (mostly people I know personally). Today is, apparently, National DeLurking Day (or so says The Gori … Continue reading

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I think it only fitting

That he has “cool” in his name: Kevin Cooley His photos are dreamy.

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