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Hi, not crazy.

Well, maybe a little. HOWEVER. Superman is indeed real, and lo here is video proof: Okay, okay. So his name is actually Alexander Rae and not Clark Kent. But nonetheless, he is the best Superman I’ve ever encountered (ever) and, … Continue reading

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Things made awesome by knitting

One, the finished baby sock. On to the second in the pair! Two, this: Oh, Knitta Please. You are so lovely (photo from Statesman slideshow). See? Made better by knitting! Thing three: Frog dissection, found on Craftzine. Science wasn’t nearly … Continue reading

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Oh, no. I find myself with a dilemma. Which really is more awesomer? I CAN’T DECIDE. (The Most Awesomest Thing Ever)

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I am sad that Southwest doesn’t fly into Atlanta

And this is one of the reasons. No way to tell for sure that this sort of thing would happen, but go Southwest. Via Succeed Blog.

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Hee hee. See what I did there? I made a bad pun. I know you’re super impressed.Anyway. I am frantically scrambling to make my house presentable for many costumed folks (not superheroes, though that would be totally awesome) and so … Continue reading

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