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Yay, family.

I love my husband’s family, big time. They’re nerdy and weird and funny in the same ways my husband is, and so we all get along pretty nicely. The SIL’s husband is a little more mainstream, but we’re slowly teaching … Continue reading

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So Far So Good

So far, thus week has begun to round out nicely. Yesterday was especially great, in that it consisted of a breakfast on an Amtrak dining car, shopping at the Korean grocer (mmmm shrimp chips), a visit to a new sari … Continue reading

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Why I don’t knit (christmas presents)

I get asked to knit Christmas (and birthday and other) presents for people from time to time, but I generally always turn them down. This is not because I am a bad person or am callous and unfeeling. I am … Continue reading

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Gift swap

One of the awesome things about the place I work is this rockin’ Secret Santa thing we do. It’s a cheapie sort of thing, money-wise, but the gifts are anything but cheap. This year I drew Allison’s name, and since … Continue reading

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The Girl Scouts

Everybody who has encountered them has an opinion about the Girl Scouts. More often than not, I find disgruntled adults who have had a bad experience with one troop that has soured them pretty much forever on the whole organization, … Continue reading

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Yay for saris!

While cruising the internet in search of articles to satisfy both my Chantal Boulanger and non-Indians with India obsessions, I ran across this nifty article on saris: Fabric Begets Fashion I’m really happy to see the Westerners-in-saris category represented. It’s … Continue reading

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Finally feels like winter

I had initially intended to go to Magna Faire this past weekend, with the further intention of entering some costuming thing into the regional faire at the very least, but due to a sick child (not mine; my carpool buddy’s) … Continue reading

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