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It’s on.

Did you wear yours? (As it is a bit chilly outside, I’ve got on the obligatory cardigan. Also, I managed to wear the grey sari out finally! Happy International Women’s Day, everybody.) And there’s another project in the works. Here’s … Continue reading

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Sari Day

Aamba posted a blog post today wherein she links to another excellent blog post and also calls for the sari-loving out there to get over the nervousness we all may have and wear a sari to work (or school or … Continue reading

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And other things. But first, auctions. Specifically, the auction that WH and I attended last Friday, wherein we had much fun and came away with some pretty neat stuff, acquired very cheaply. Behold: A carved wooden elephant, complete with howdah … Continue reading

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While this may look like yet another hobby it is, in fact, ancillary to one of my main hobbies, which is medieval islamic bookbinding (hey – I do have some normal hobbies, like knitting and comic books). I’ve been working … Continue reading

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Snow day

This past week was full of crazy and I have discovered that when I need to slow down, my life makes me slow down. Most of the time this means I get a rotten cold. Today (and maybe tomorrow) it … Continue reading

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Saree Spree

This holiday season was a great one for sarees. My birthday is early in November, so it’s pretty much two months of back-to-back holidays for me, what with Diwali, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, my wedding anniversary, Christmas and the new … Continue reading

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Yay, family.

I love my husband’s family, big time. They’re nerdy and weird and funny in the same ways my husband is, and so we all get along pretty nicely. The SIL’s husband is a little more mainstream, but we’re slowly teaching … Continue reading

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So Far So Good

So far, thus week has begun to round out nicely. Yesterday was especially great, in that it consisted of a breakfast on an Amtrak dining car, shopping at the Korean grocer (mmmm shrimp chips), a visit to a new sari … Continue reading

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