Saree Spree

This holiday season was a great one for sarees. My birthday is early in November, so it’s pretty much two months of back-to-back holidays for me, what with Diwali, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, my wedding anniversary, Christmas and the new year all in that brief period. And what did I do with all that festive spirit? I bought sarees.

I did some quickie bad drapes and had the husband take some photos.

These four all came from a friend-of-a-friend whose sister-in-law is from India. F.O.A.F travels to India periodically, and this time she brought back sarees! All handlooms, for which I have an irresistible attraction, and which are difficult to acquire outside of India.

Saree 1:

This one is a resist-dyed indigo saree. It’s nice, but will probably get used for garb, since it’s not really my sort of thing, as far as everyday wear goes.

(Sorry for the mess and the bad photo; we haven’t done any post-traveling tidying, and keep getting stuff in the mail)

Saree 2

My favorite sort, a thick, soft block-printed cotton number. The body is done in a sort of mango-shaped flower design, and as you can see, the pallu is quite complex. It came with an attached blouse piece that’s cream with the same red borders as the rest of the saree.

Saree 3

A sheer cotton, in burgundy, with black and gold zari borders and a simple black and zari pallu. Does not have a blouse piece, but it goes nicely with the plain choli I was trying these on over.

Saree 4

(Also, sorry for the embarassingly bad drape on this one. It’s a little starchy still.)

Grey, red and black ikat with saffron borders. I’m not sure if this one has a blouse piece or not. There’s an 8-inch bit at each end that’s plainer than the rest of the saree, but I don’t know whether it’s a blouse piece or just a design feature. You can sort of see it on the pallu in the second photo. Anybody have an idea? Ela?

And then there were the ones I showed off all folded, that I bought in Maryland over the Christmas holiday, and then modeled (draped and photographed poorly, as usual). There’s an extra bit of fabric on the end of the pallu for each, which will be a choli eventually.

The blue and gold:

From the top, it’s several colors:

And the pallu is crazy-shiny:

I wrinkled the crap out of it trying to wrangle the extra blouse piece for the photo.

The ikat is dreamy. It’s soft and silky and not as tough to drape as I imagined:

It also has a very complex pallu:

(I’m sure you can imagine that over the blur.)

While I was draping, WH took photos of the cats.





(Cats don’t have emotional volume control, so they talk in all caps.)

Yeah. We lead such exciting lives.

And now my saree count is: 9 synthetic, 1 designer silk, 1 of something questionable, and 13 cotton handlooms (the 1 questionable may be ponchampalli, also, but there wasn’t any identifier on it and the store owner didn’t  remember what it was made out of). At some point in my future I plan on buying a bandhani or two, and also at least one Varanasi silk, but that’s down the road a bit. I need to hold off on sarees for a bit.

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9 Responses to Saree Spree

  1. KITTY 😀

    Sorry, had to. ^_^

  2. ela says:

    Laura there is a lovely blog named “my delhi adventures” by katherine elaine. She has a post named stocking up on silk sarees. She has given a address of a shopkeeper who sells banarasi silk at very reasonable prises. Maybe that will help u.

  3. ela says:

    Hi. First of all let me tell that you have excellent taste . All ur sarees are extremely beautiful. Listen if that piece of fabric is attached to ur sari with some stiching or delicate treads then it is blouse piece. And it shold be removed but i cant see it in the picture. Though I think it is blouse piece. Plz put fhal on them and if you buy bhandini from gujrat or rajsthan then be very careful as cotton bhandini with thick fabic is very difficult to find even in India. We specifically go to rajasthani shops for that.

    • HappyGoth says:

      The white cotton sari had a blouse attached like that, but the blue and the ikat both have a piece woven in to the end of the pallu, that I’ll have to cut off. So I wondered if maybe the grey ikat was the same. I have been having a very difficult time with the bandhani, so I believe you about the special Rajasthani shops!

      Thanks for the kind words about my taste in sarees. I’m very picky!

  4. Shwetika says:

    Wow what a wonderful collection I am full of envy!!! I can’t choose the best they are all absolutely fab

  5. Mouse says:

    Wow.. lovely! I think that the one I would most likely wear would be the indigo dyed one.. it looks more like an “every day sari” than the others. I do love the burgundy colored one too.. but the sheerness would make me afraid of snagging it everywhere. I think my personal problem with “fancy saris” is that the pallu are usually gold & I wear only silver jewelry.

    • HappyGoth says:

      I’ve gotten used to gold, maybe even learned to love it, so it’s not as much of a problem. The white block print is totally an everyday thing.

      The sheer cotton ones are surprisingly resilient, and super-comfy for the summer months!

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