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My garb?

I miss it (it is in a pretty good place, I think; that is, I haven’t been wearing it lately, but I liked it last time I did): Thank to Stephen Lesnik for this little confidence-booster. Dude, you rock. I … Continue reading

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To Master Lorenzo, who is awesome and officially a Laurel now. And thanks to RobbingPeter, who has fed myself and my husband for two days now, and  who gave me a ride home. The cinnamon tarts are all gone. The … Continue reading

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Whew, Friday.

At last. My brain is officially fried, so this is a smattering of things that are cool yet don’t require a lot of thought to share. After much anticipation (on my part, at least), here is a better shot of … Continue reading

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This is why Trader Vic’s is awesome.

One of the reasons, at least: This drink is (a) in a glass that looks like a bamboo stalk and (b) guarded over by a little naked person on a stick. A LITTLE NAKED PERSON ON A STICK. Yes.

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Why I Knit, #30

(A typical Knitch Sunday, with its usual colorful assortment of awesome folks. Yay, knitters.) Because it’s the great equalizer. I think I’ve written about this before, but it’s absolutely true. Last Tuesday, the place where I work hosted an event. … Continue reading

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Dear Bollywood

I recently heard that you will be releasing Kites in the US. I have been waiting for this since I heard it was filming, and am excited that it is coming out. However, I heard something recently that makes me … Continue reading

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This is so awesome. The Ramayana, in PowerPoint (Incidentally, I’m in love with this story – I was given a comic book version as a child, and recently re-read it, and think it’s the best thing ever.)

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[Trader Vic’s, from roland’s flickr photostream] Atlaneans? I like that better. Anyway. I have something imperative for all of you to try. If you get some extra cash and a free Thursday, go to the Hilton downtown and take the … Continue reading

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CG, this is for you (& the pullets):

Big egg!

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It is wet.

Atlanta is virtually underwater, and it reminds me of Futurama. You know the episode, right? The one where they go to the lost city of Atlanta, where the mermaids live (and look suspiciously like Col. Sanders of KFC fame)? Well, … Continue reading

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