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Actual crafty-type stuff!

I so wanted to post this sooner, but it was supposed to be a surprise, and now it has been gifted, so there you have it. I have a very dear friend who was elevated to the Order of the … Continue reading

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Working on it!

I have a long rambly post in the works, but in the meantime it’s the American holiday season, and my whole family is going to be in my house for Thanksgiving. On the upside, I get to use my new … Continue reading

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Well, isn’t that special.

In my usual tradition, I dressed up at work for Halloween. I’ll be something else on the day itself, but today I have a funeral-themed party to go to, so it was church lady all the way. I feel that … Continue reading

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Red Tower

Sorry for no DragonCon posts – I’m still sorting through photos. However, Red Tower this weekend was an excellent success, and the South Downs has a rockin’ new Baron and Baroness (one of whom is Blogless Lea) and there was … Continue reading

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Stuff done: Earrings

I’ve had a grand plan to make a pair of faux-earplug earrings for quite a while now. I bought this pair of cheapo mundane earrings at Target a while back: And then looked at this miniature: And while you can’t … Continue reading

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Oh, blog.

I miss you, really I do. So here’s some stuff for fun. I went to Fool’s War this weekend! It was a last-minute decision, but I’m glad I went. I day-tripped with Lea and her husband (who a friend mistook … Continue reading

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4-hour garb

I have done something I thought was impossible for me. I have perfected the art of Quick Garb (TM). Oh, yes. Let me show you it: (Yeah, I know – it’s basically a big pile of blue fabric with some … Continue reading

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In 45 minutes! I need a better camera. Anyway, there they are, in all their glory! I showed them off to Lea last night, and am stoked to wear them on Saturday with the rest of my kit. Yay! Pants! … Continue reading

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My garb?

I miss it (it is in a pretty good place, I think; that is, I haven’t been wearing it lately, but I liked it last time I did): Thank to Stephen Lesnik for this little confidence-booster. Dude, you rock. I … Continue reading

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Friggin’ A.

Shall I kill myself trying to make tassels before RUM? No! I say, no. For I have discovered these: (From eShubham.com). And, on top of that, they have other tassels: And hair extensions (actually, this is at indianwedding.com, but it’s … Continue reading

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