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Actual crafty-type stuff!

I so wanted to post this sooner, but it was supposed to be a surprise, and now it has been gifted, so there you have it. I have a very dear friend who was elevated to the Order of the … Continue reading

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And other things. But first, auctions. Specifically, the auction that WH and I attended last Friday, wherein we had much fun and came away with some pretty neat stuff, acquired very cheaply. Behold: A carved wooden elephant, complete with howdah … Continue reading

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Critical mass! (Not the bike kind.)

Look at this beautiful uke. JUST LOOK AT IT. And then BEHOLD THIS THING: (Sorry Twitter/FB folks; I’m reusing photos because it is midnight and I am lazy.) I think I may have too many hobbies. No, really. Remember how … Continue reading

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Keep me to task

Guilt is a powerful motivator, especially coming from anonymous internet people. Really, that’s why I’m blogging – it keeps me honest. Those analytics make me feel bad, when they’re bad, and it’s a good kick-start. Like the embroidery, for example. … Continue reading

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Chain stitch skills – I has them.

Well, it appears as though I’ve gotten the hang of this. I filled the “flower” shape and then free-handed a little leaf to the bottom, and I am really pleased with how even the stitches are. I didn’t even catch … Continue reading

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What a weekend.

No, seriously. I had intended to clean house, which I sort of did, but then I did a lot of other stuff. And while that’s all well and good, I still need to clean my house. Oh, well. Anyway. Here’s … Continue reading

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Moar chain-stitch

Plus pizza. The fiber of today’s friday is not the yarn kind, but instead my current obsession, which is chain-stitch embroidery. (I went looking for examples of this sort of thing, and wanted CC-licensed stuff, and lo and behold this … Continue reading

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All righty, then.

Remember that thing I said about being distracted easily? It’s so true. Case in point: That there is tambour embroidery, which I spent a little over an hour working on last night at Project  Night. A while back, I’d made … Continue reading

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