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[SCA] Another recap

Yeah, I know I never got around to Thanksgiving. Well, suffice to say there was sari shopping and we found a chaat place local to my in-laws and then we didn’t do a lot because folks got sick. Anyhoo. Magna … Continue reading

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I can sleep now, I think.

Which is weird to say on a Tuesday, but there you have it. What I did this weekend: 1. The Little 5 Points Halloween Parade. Oh, man. Oh, man oh man. Please remind me next time that I decide to … Continue reading

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I am in love with endbands. No, really. It was necessary for me to sleep last night, so I had to quit but I didn’t want to. Also, did you know that if you hunch over something for six hours, … Continue reading

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What a weekend.

No, seriously. I had intended to clean house, which I sort of did, but then I did a lot of other stuff. And while that’s all well and good, I still need to clean my house. Oh, well. Anyway. Here’s … Continue reading

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