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Hey, crafty ladies

Have you seen this blog? http://psimadethis.com/ So awesome. I know you’ll all get something out of it.

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Okay, I lied

There is something else. Stitch Lamp It’s a lamp that you decorate yourself, a la needlepoint. Normally I’d be skeptical but the example is so lovely that I am won over. I wonder how easy it would be to replicate … Continue reading

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I am in love with endbands. No, really. It was necessary for me to sleep last night, so I had to quit but I didn’t want to. Also, did you know that if you hunch over something for six hours, … Continue reading

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What a weekend.

No, seriously. I had intended to clean house, which I sort of did, but then I did a lot of other stuff. And while that’s all well and good, I still need to clean my house. Oh, well. Anyway. Here’s … Continue reading

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Hand. Spun.

Take that, people. I have plied yarn, and I have documented its plying (or the aftermath, at least). But first, cats cannot be trusted with sealed bags of loose ends, apparently. This one had a cat-induced hernia: Leftover yarn, yes, … Continue reading

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