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Making things!

Okay, the making isn’t the big thing. The blogging is. ANYWAY. I’ve been working on learning book embellishment techniques outside of the simple blind tooling I’ve been using on the Egyptian Mamluk books I’ve made, and up until now I’ve … Continue reading

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Bad at estimating

I am terrible at estimating the time it takes to do things. Last time I bound a complex book, it took me a full day to do the tooling. And then another to do the gilding. So when I set … Continue reading

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Dye all the things!

Last weekend was a total blur. Actually, the whole week was kind of like that. A big project popped up at work, and a friend decided that it was high time to tie the knot, and then there was the … Continue reading

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Oh, hi.

Do you know what this is? Yeah, that’s a sock. That I knit. In two weeks. Let’s back up a hair. This is the first sock I’ve knit in almost a ¬†year. I got a little slap-happy with the sock … Continue reading

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There’s a tradition forming between the ChickenGoddess and myself, in which we spend Easter with each other and our husbands, doing something or other and overeating delicious food (isn’t that what you do on holidays anyway?). Generally the “something or … Continue reading

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Book, right?

Yes. Now that I’m not binding it, I can talk about it. (Will be a series of two posts today.) I bound a book a couple of years ago and have been doing mad research since then to improve my … Continue reading

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I am a lazy bum. I know this. And really, I have no excuse, except for a very flimsy one, which is that I only have an iPhone for photography, and I am ashamed of the photos it takes. But … Continue reading

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March Wrap-Up

(mmmm… Gulf Wars and Mega Moon. Or whatever it was they were calling it.) I did a lot in March. Actually, I don’t remember the first part of the month, since it was mostly spent working and dealing with SCA … Continue reading

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Overambitious creativity

No, really. I don’t mean this as negatively as it sounds. It’s more a statement of fact. I am my own worst enemy. In no particular order, I can do the following things: marble paper, embroider, knit, sew, paint, draw, … Continue reading

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Critical mass! (Not the bike kind.)

Look at this beautiful uke. JUST LOOK AT IT. And then BEHOLD THIS THING: (Sorry Twitter/FB folks; I’m reusing photos because it is midnight and I am lazy.) I think I may have too many hobbies. No, really. Remember how … Continue reading

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