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March Wrap-Up

(mmmm… Gulf Wars and Mega Moon. Or whatever it was they were calling it.) I did a lot in March. Actually, I don’t remember the first part of the month, since it was mostly spent working and dealing with SCA … Continue reading

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I am so glad not to be on vacation.

Which sounds crazy, I know, but it’s true. So here’s the deal. My parents live in Arkansas, which is where I grew up, although I won’t usually admit that too readily. Arkansas is a warm place. It snowed more than … Continue reading

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And also on vacation

We played some Princess Bingo: Thanks to Marmadyth for the photos. She totally cleaned up in all games. Plus, we had beer.

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And now it’s Tuesday.

And I’m back into the swing of things, full force. I’d rather not be. Being away on vacation was excellent. We were kids for four whole days, and I so didn’t want to leave to go home. I gave Jennie … Continue reading

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More holiday…

[Awesomely awesome photo from Stuck in Customs‘ flickr photostream] And since it will be over July 4th, it really is a holiday. I can be British and American English correct at the same time! But perhaps not grammatically correct. There’ll … Continue reading

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