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It is so totally Halloween already!

I challenge you to say otherwise. Okay, so you probably will. But I have evidence to the contrary! Observe: EXHIBIT A I wore a costume to work today. It was so blingy. And I had a blast. I even got … Continue reading

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My in-laws are truly spectacular people. For every holiday, we get a box full of nifty/weird stuff, and on occasion these boxes come without a holiday. The box that came to the office yesterday was for Halloween, and was as … Continue reading

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You’re so awesome. I’ve been watching the Guild pretty religiously, and so then added Felicia Day to my RSS feed so that I wouldn’t miss updates. Today, she posted about this excellent NASA video, which I now share with you: … Continue reading

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Chain stitch skills – I has them.

Well, it appears as though I’ve gotten the hang of this. I filled the “flower” shape and then free-handed a little leaf to the bottom, and I am really pleased with how even the stitches are. I didn’t even catch … Continue reading

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Hee hee. See what I did there? I made a bad pun. I know you’re super impressed.Anyway. I am frantically scrambling to make my house presentable for many costumed folks (not superheroes, though that would be totally awesome) and so … Continue reading

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Like a bunny

With only three spots, my internet is spotty. So no posts until I get that squared away (which will hopefully be tomorrow, and then I’ll do some uber-updating). Hang in there.

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Why I knit, #31

(Not any pair of mine, but this photo perfectly captures what I mean. And I commend flickr user adamknits for knitting them. Man socks, that’s a lot of sock knitting, and the reason why my husband doesn’t have his own … Continue reading

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Navel-gazing, the short form

I was reading the Big B’s blog (he is so fun, and a wealth of information about Indian culture) and he mentioned in today’s post that he had heard a discussion about the growing trend of women in Western countries … Continue reading

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I can sleep now, I think.

Which is weird to say on a Tuesday, but there you have it. What I did this weekend: 1. The Little 5 Points Halloween Parade. Oh, man. Oh, man oh man. Please remind me next time that I decide to … Continue reading

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It’s Diwali

Which is suddenly exciting to me (I do not wonder at this, though). And since it’s also the weekend, here’s a video that is trippy and combines my two greatest cultural obsessions into one strange, beautiful thing: If you’re in … Continue reading

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