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Take that, mediocre photos!

I do a lot of complaining about my iPhone’s photo quality. Now, I recognize that the iPhone is a wonderful piece of technology, and I am thrilled at being able to tweet the random things I see on the road … Continue reading

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I am a lazy bum. I know this. And really, I have no excuse, except for a very flimsy one, which is that I only have an iPhone for photography, and I am ashamed of the photos it takes. But … Continue reading

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Was in March, but I am in the process of Life Things so I haven’t done anything interesting lately, which leads me to posting photos that sum up what the experience of Megacon was really like: And finally, Yep. Wonder … Continue reading

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I think it only fitting

That he has “cool” in his name: Kevin Cooley His photos are dreamy.

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It is so totally Halloween already!

I challenge you to say otherwise. Okay, so you probably will. But I have evidence to the contrary! Observe: EXHIBIT A I wore a costume to work today. It was so blingy. And I had a blast. I even got … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con photos, final round

(Actually, I’m posting these because I like seeing the rise in visits, but they’re cool and I didn’t know where else to put them) Alright. At Dragon*Con, I like to see cool things. Mostly costumes. Here are the ones I … Continue reading

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Didn’t do that whole updating thing on Saturday. I forgot my hard drive, and then went out to a movie with a friend, and then it was time to take care of cats, and then I had a migraine so … Continue reading

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The Super Secret project has been gifted and it is (drumroll, please) A tea cosy! Yay! Alas, I have no teapot, so I’m stuck with putting it over an incense burner and photographing it on the couch. It’s the Broken … Continue reading

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