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My yarns!

Let me show you them: Good yarn on the left, not-so-good yarn on the right. Yesssssss. This yarn rocks. I’m almost done spinning the fluff! Then I can learn plying. Wooooo plying. SCA yarns. This is what I spin when … Continue reading

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Pretty decent, so far.

This weekend has been, at least. I didn’t sleep in this morning, but I have discovered that this is not such a bad thing. I ended up finishing some artwork I had needed to finish, and did 4 loads of … Continue reading

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More SCA nerdliness

I SHALL: Complete a Magister’s requirements for Bookbinding. I have decided. Here is what I shall do for this: Teach classes in the following – Coptic codices, Byzantine codices, Persian bindings, gothic bindings, Carolingian bindings (I might replace the gothic … Continue reading

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Blind people read, too.

Media guys, don’t be jerks. No, seriously. Any sort of profit you might make from the copyright restrictions you’re proposing (making it illegal to have a text-to-speech feature on e-books) is negated by the sheer assholery that you’re perpetuating. This … Continue reading

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More SCA rambling

To start: not SCA rambling. I’ve been making a really valiant effort to be non-messy at the moment, and I found an old baggie of catnip, which I sort of threw on the floor nonchalantly, to deal with later. When … Continue reading

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Friggin’ sweet.

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Best. Knitting. Ever

(GO BUY THESE RIGHT NOW) Meerkats in Star Trek uniforms! They have tiny phasers and tricorders! Aaaaaaaaugh.

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More yarns.

I have spun them. I am another hour’s spinning away from having them finished totally. Actually, it’s probably more like five hours, because there are some knitting projects what need finishing before then, so I’ll finish those and then do … Continue reading

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I have over-klutzed myself.

I am a giganto klutz. Usually, however, this is limited to an encounter with a doorframe here, an altercation between my knee and the edge of a coffee table there, and so on. But not usually all in one day. … Continue reading

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The safari was a success.

For me, at least. I had also been sent on a mission from Dawn to find some cheap and lovely saris for draping, but I came up with squat. I did, however, discover that Mirage sells fabric by the yard, … Continue reading

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