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I so totally (lie) have mono (lie). I am going to die (lie lie lie). I will be sick forever (oh, hypochondria, you LIE). (Truth is that I have a cold and am so excited about tomorrow’s shopping outing I … Continue reading

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It is Friday and I am fine.

I hope everyone else is, too. No? Not feeling so great? Well, this is lovely and will cheer you right on up: Ahhh. Sometimes you need stuff like this.

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Oh! And also.

This is so awesome: Shark Attack Hat I can totally scale this up to fit my own head.

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I am a happier goth.

For a while I was a not-so-Happy-Goth. But I am better. So. I have made yarns. I have made yarns! I am quite happy to have made yarns. I worked on my crap but natural yarn with the new spindle … Continue reading

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A funk.

Which answers everything and nothing all at once. So there was this post I regret but won’t take down, about how I wasn’t ever going to be able to understand India, and then later the feeling ballooned into the usual … Continue reading

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Yes, I am that lazy

I told all about my trip, but now Jennie is putting it into visuals. Here is today’s strip, from the Devil’s Panties: This went on periodically over the entire weekend. We conversed at meals.

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There has been a weekend.

And I got a satisfying amount of stuff done. Saturday was spend erranding, mostly to stock up on things we needed, which included some hanging plants for the porch and some art supplies. I did my first ILL request, and … Continue reading

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When you’re in college

You don’t realize how awesome research is. Now that I’m not, I am ridiculously excited to go to the library and request things via Interlibrary Loan. It’s like college, but without the research paper due in two weeks! Isn’t that … Continue reading

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I like delightful things.

And this one? Really friggin’ delightful: (I was nowhere near this cool when I was 9)

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Okay, then.

Well. After that gigantic albatross of a blog post yesterday, today’s will be short and considerably less introspectively angsty. Instead, I will angst about socks. I do  this frequently, so it should come as no big surprise. Jennie came over … Continue reading

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