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Why I knit, Reason #16

I knit because it keeps me from getting too far into my other obsessions, which, while pretty darn cool, do not produce anything of substance aside from intense irritation on the part of my friends and family. It is hard … Continue reading

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Oh, hat.

I recently marked something in my Ravelry project page as an FO. I did this sort of incorrectly, as it is not really finished, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do this, that I did it … Continue reading

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Once again,

Thank you Internets, for showing me wondrous things:

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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

[From motaleb223’s flickr photostream] Alrighty, folks. I have taken knitting photos, and they will be posted in good time, but the reason for not posting is that I have been obsessed (think of that in all caps, like I’m shouting … Continue reading

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Does anybody in bloglandia know what method the National Cathedral folks rang today (if any)? I can only find info on Trinity Wall Street…

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Happy America, everybody. I am so proud to be alive and American today.

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(As usual, all caps is completely necessary) Yes? Yes? Yes. Borders, here I come. (Incidentally, for the past several weeks I have watched more Bollywood than I ever have before in my life. I *heart* Hrithik Roshan.)

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Real content!

No, really. Installation #2 in the club outfits. I’m not sure why I look so shifty in this photo, and why my house looks so disastrous, but anyway. This is my standard “I have no idea what to wear” outfit. … Continue reading

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Cooooooookie Crisp

[I’ve been very busy, and will continue to be busy, so this blog might be on a forced hiatus until next month, but I could surprise you. You never know.] I have just consumed a lot of milk, so I … Continue reading

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Aaaargh. Hat.

I’ve knit it twice, and it is lovely, and I enjoyed the knitting, but now it is too big and I think I might unravel it and knit it again in a size smaller. Third time’s the charm, right? I … Continue reading

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