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That’s a lot of knitting.

Guerilla Knitting in Australia. Yep. That’s a whole public toilet. Kinda makes you want to finish all those UFOs, not?

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Better later

But for now, TRON: There are days when I love being a geek.

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Further entries

In the annals of Weird Search Terms People Have Used To Locate This Blog: “sexi film heavy knitters” Huh? This is a whole new fetish/subculture. Heavy knitters? Is that like heavy metal? If so, it sounds awesome. And if it’s … Continue reading

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This needs no explanation:

In the category of “Things I’m Sharing About India That Are Awesome,” I submit this sample: Hell. Yes. I need to call that dance studio I found that teaches Kathak so that I can get my groove on.

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Friggin’ sweet.

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Best. Knitting. Ever

(GO BUY THESE RIGHT NOW) Meerkats in Star Trek uniforms! They have tiny phasers and tricorders! Aaaaaaaaugh.

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I have a horrible compulsion

To drop everything and knit squid. Oh, my. I mean, when I see these things they’re usually crocheted, but these are knitted! I can knit! I have leftover yarn! I am lazy and will probably just buy one on etsy! … Continue reading

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Funniest. Thing. Ever

Oh, my. I was so obsessed with this series. I am so not at the moment. Cheeseburgers make everything better. Awwwww.

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Why is it

That I end up feeling more exhausted after a weekend off work than I do after a week at work? Wait… don’t answer that. It is because I do things like I did this weekend. Firstly, you know those weddings … Continue reading

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Why I Knit, #20

Wooo! 20! I feel like I have accomplished something today! (Note to self – brainstorm accomplishment for tomorrow) I knit, because it can be really beautiful: [The creator of the awesomeness says: “This is a small prototype of what I’ll … Continue reading

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