Why is it

That I end up feeling more exhausted after a weekend off work than I do after a week at work? Wait… don’t answer that.

It is because I do things like I did this weekend.

Firstly, you know those weddings  in movies? Like this one?

Reception Tent by advencap.

(found here; actually kind of like the one I went to)

You know – with the big tent in the backyard of an amazing house, 400+ guests and six bars, each with a different food theme (one was sushi, another panini, another mexican, and then there was the one with the crab dip… yum). And an open bar. And grilled fruit. And a giant cake. And a live band. Whew.

So, yeah. Went to that. I realize that’s not a huge thing for other folks, but my own wedding was attended by 50 people, and our DJ brought her music library on vinyl and has dreads and is Norwegian, and we did everything ourselves. I have no personal reference for this sort of thing.

It was nice, though, to see Molly get married, and I can’t wait until I can cross-post photos from other people (I left my phone and camera at home, purely by accident). I think Jamie won the lottery. I think if he’d actually won the lottery but hadn’t gotten to marry Molly, he wouldn’t have been nearly as happy. I think if he got to do both things, he wouldn’t have been any happier. I was afraid he might split in two, he was smiling so hugely. Molly was lovely and exuberant and also the happiest person on the planet (it was a singularity) and I am thrilled to have gotten to see all that (really, the reception was just icing on the cake, though the dancing with coworkers was delightful and it was nice to break loose and be social for once).


Then secondly, I dressed up in my sari and newly-purchased Indian jewelry, and wandered around in the woods with my SCA friends, and that will also be crosslinked when Alec gets me photos (if not, I’ll write a good description and you can use your imagination). That was much more low-key, as it was deep in the woods away from electricity and plumbing (but near the nicest port-o-let I’ve ever seen), and included roasting sausages over a campfire, and singing of silly songs, and eating of many foods. And the husband has the most beautifully-colored bruise on one thigh where he got thwacked while getting back into heavy-fighting. Anyone know of a good way to armor oneself under a pair of tights? I’m open to suggestions.

Today is more low-key. My saris came in the mail! And some bindis, one of which I gifted to a (male) coworker (it’s sparkly and mint green). I *heart* sarishop.com.

How was your weekend?

p.s. While searching for photos that conveyed the Father of the Bride-esque atmosphere, I found these two photos of fathers of the bride:

Stewart Osborne and Laura Miles Wedding Reception by Howard.Gees.

Father of the Bride by Life As Art.

I imagine there are some good stories behind them.

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3 Responses to Why is it

  1. Meridith says:

    Hey, that’s what I do! Put together fancy things like that wedding. It’s super easy if you have the money.

  2. Mouse says:

    Wow.. what an impressive wedding spread! My “wedding” was attended by two people, and I was one of them. I am a little upset that I didn’t do a big gothic blowout of a wedding but it wasn’t really important at the time.. and after seeing what my MIL did to SIL’s wedding.. I’m probably better for it.
    Also, yay saris! Yay bindis! I love bindis.. all of mine are the gold & wine fancy bindis.

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