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Not-so-productive weekend

This weekend I accomplished the following: Wrote an extremely long, confusing rundown/how-to on shopping for SCA purposes in Indian shops Saw Underworld: Awakening with Jennie and T. It was worth the matinee price, but I’m glad I didn’t see it … Continue reading

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So that I don’t forget later

Bollywood posters made into tote bags! They’re pretty cheap, too. And as I’m in the midst of working out a difficult Mughal-era garment reconstruction, I have nothing else to share today.

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Fiber Friday!

Since I am without the means to increase my stash (and really, given the space alloted for said stash, I shouldn’t increase it, even if I have the means), I’m starting this new thing to live vicariously through the internet … Continue reading

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Friggin’ A.

Shall I kill myself trying to make tassels before RUM? No! I say, no. For I have discovered these: (From eShubham.com). And, on top of that, they have other tassels: And hair extensions (actually, this is at indianwedding.com, but it’s … Continue reading

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The safari was a success.

For me, at least. I had also been sent on a mission from Dawn to find some cheap and lovely saris for draping, but I came up with squat. I did, however, discover that Mirage sells fabric by the yard, … Continue reading

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In which I find new things to be thankful for.

Firstly, Sari Shop has made me decidedly non-rich. However, I will have two new and lovely saris to play with, so this is not such a bad thing. These are they: The second is a 9-yard sari, for learning the … Continue reading

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