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Not-so-productive weekend

This weekend I accomplished the following: Wrote an extremely long, confusing rundown/how-to on shopping for SCA purposes in Indian shops Saw Underworld: Awakening with Jennie and T. It was worth the matinee price, but I’m glad I didn’t see it … Continue reading

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Proof that it happened.

Jennie has been chronicling the epic birthday party over on her comic. Should you miss the updates, links to the strips that have posted so far are here, here and here. And here’s the pinata, direct from YouTube: That one … Continue reading

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Hooray for destash.

Well, that and holiday knitting parties. Initially, I had planned on being out of town for Jane, Claudia and the CG‘s holiday knitting party. However, due to some awesome happenings in the meantime, it turned out that I could go. … Continue reading

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The Dead Man’s Party

Last year, HusbandofLea (HoL) and I threw a party at my house for Halloween. And it was pretty awesome. I unknowingly told everyone it was a pirate theme (I put a picture of a pirate on the invitation, which apparently … Continue reading

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Real fiber news!

So. I did much fiber stuff this weekend, although I had planned to do more. Yesterday was blissfully unproductive. I sort of sat around all day in my pajamas, and got nothing real accomplished. But Saturday? Saturday was quite productive. … Continue reading

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Some more of what I did.

But first, some neat links. The Baloney Detection Kit (and no, I don’t mean the lunch meat; if I did, I would have spelled it bologna) Homeless Guy Smashes Other Homeless Guy Upside the Head With Skateboard During Physics Argument … Continue reading

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