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Oh, Wonder Husband

I do not know that you realized the risk associated with training the cat to sit on your shoulder. Yes, he is an adorable, fuzzy pirate accessory. And yes, he does seem to like it. However, there is this: “AH … Continue reading

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WH is a pirate

Okay, so not so much in the pillaging, smelly, scallywag kind of way, but he does have a shoulder pet. Being a land pirate, he has a shoulder cat. Observe: Yep. Cute, right? Kind of like an owl. An owl … Continue reading

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Saree Spree

This holiday season was a great one for sarees. My birthday is early in November, so it’s pretty much two months of back-to-back holidays for me, what with Diwali, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, my wedding anniversary, Christmas and the new … Continue reading

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Hooray for destash.

Well, that and holiday knitting parties. Initially, I had planned on being out of town for Jane, Claudia and the CG‘s holiday knitting party. However, due to some awesome happenings in the meantime, it turned out that I could go. … Continue reading

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More SCA rambling

To start: not SCA rambling. I’ve been making a really valiant effort to be non-messy at the moment, and I found an old baggie of catnip, which I sort of threw on the floor nonchalantly, to deal with later. When … Continue reading

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Don’ wanna!

I have too much going on right now. I can’t possibly get all this done all at once. Why is it that when I have one huge thing going on, every other huge thing decides that it’s the perfect time … Continue reading

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Anyone? A coworker is trying to find it a home, and we’ve got a two cat limit. Also, it is white, so not an option for us. She’s white, looks to be about 8 months old, and appears to have … Continue reading

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I finished Super Secret project #2! Go check my Ravelry page for photos, since I won’t post them here until after I’ve gifted it. This past weekend I helped make over 200 raviolis, using won ton wrappers and some incredible … Continue reading

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Finally, photos!

The camera cable was exactly where I put it, in the drawer of cables (where it belongs). So, without further ado, here is my very first finished pair of socks: From the top! Jaywalkers! In LadyBug! Hooray! From the side! … Continue reading

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Chickengoddess, this is for you.

This is so totally cats.

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