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Saree Spree

This holiday season was a great one for sarees. My birthday is early in November, so it’s pretty much two months of back-to-back holidays for me, what with Diwali, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, my wedding anniversary, Christmas and the new … Continue reading

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Hey, crafty ladies

Have you seen this blog? http://psimadethis.com/ So awesome. I know you’ll all get something out of it.

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Tuesday fashion show!

A while back I mentioned that I had received some Indian clothes from the coworker of my father-in-law. Last night, I set up the tripod and we took some snazzy photos (wow – that sounds so suspicious when I type … Continue reading

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My in-laws are truly spectacular people. For every holiday, we get a box full of nifty/weird stuff, and on occasion these boxes come without a holiday. The box that came to the office yesterday was for Halloween, and was as … Continue reading

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