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Oh, Friday

I have been lacking in the motivation lately and the weekend looms, which means more non-blogging, but will involve My Name is Khan (!). Anyway. Today I translated some of a Hindi song into English for Mr. Jaipur, only not … Continue reading

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I’m on Lesson 3!

And that’s the short form of my language lesson progress. The long form is that for the past week and a half (two weeks?) I’ve been plugging away at LiveMocha, and have made some decent progress. I can now: Say … Continue reading

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Keep me to task

Guilt is a powerful motivator, especially coming from anonymous internet people. Really, that’s why I’m blogging – it keeps me honest. Those analytics make me feel bad, when they’re bad, and it’s a good kick-start. Like the embroidery, for example. … Continue reading

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Back to the books again.

So I am back to learning Hindi again, a little more so this time. I had given it up for a while, as I got almost to learning new verbs and the couldn’t memorize them or remember postpositions or remember … Continue reading

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Progress, but not really.

I am feeling particularly accomplished today. I watched part of Koi… Mil Gaya last night, in an attempt to see (a) how well I understand Hindi and (b) how well I can knit stockinette while reading subtitles. And the answer … Continue reading

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