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Why get your hands dirty?

There are other people to do it for you: Such Tight Slacks Hilarious people, who write the most insanely funny and accurate reviews of things and leave comments about silly other people rooting for the French in the World Cup. … Continue reading

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Their hands would catch fire and fall off.

Since I spent last night watching you-know-what and making a zillion (10) bookbinding kits, here’s an awesome video about Pringle of Scotland sweaters/jumpers instead: (via Drawn!) Yesssssss. I need to watch this a zillion (10) more times. (“And they [other … Continue reading

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Blog Award

I rarely shy away from self-aggrandizement. Okay, so maybe I do. But I will be the first to admit that I’ve never been devoured by bears. If you feel you deserve a blog award, go here and pick one! You … Continue reading

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Early bits

nataliedee.com Forthcoming following this: “Why I Knit, Reason #2 (Wherein I Explain What the ChickenGoddess Has Done For My Knitting)” To follow after your regularly scheduled lunchtime programming. In my case, more work and perhaps a free staff lunch (which … Continue reading

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