My head is full of fluid.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way (the announcement of the fluid, that is; it remains in my head), I saw Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants on Friday. Also I saw Sabrina, Wendi and their friend (sorry, friend, I didn’t catch your name), but that was at Five Guys.

Jonathan Coulton’s set was sadly shorter than I’d hoped, but all of it was delightful. The best part was Re: Your Brains, where we all sort of awkwardly sang like zombies. It’s even more awkward when you’re standing by yourself.

After that I located ESC and Hockey Mom, and then was They Might Be Giants, who showered us with confetti three times (some of it was glow-in-the-dark). We three were all very pleased to notice that the sock puppet portion of the show (oh, yes – sock puppets) involved hand-knit sock puppets.

Then, after pretty much everybody got tsk-tsked by the security guys for taking unauthorized photos, TMBG brought out Homestar Runner (also a puppet) and I got this amazingly crappy video (I need a new camera in the worst way):

Yeahhhhh. But it was at the request of TMBG, for a crowd-sourcing experiment. It’s a pretty blue color, at least!

Then Saturday and Sunday I kind of laid around the house feeling sorry for myself (please refer to the above reference to head full of fluid), and watched the Oscars with the CG.

I must say – there’s something immensely satisfying about watching The Dude accept an Oscar.

About HappyGoth

By day, I'm a graphic designer. By night, I'm a knitter. I'm doing my part to keep Hotlanta stylish. I imagine that if you don't already understand the title of the blog, you're probably confused and perhaps slightly annoyed, but never fear - I do have a reason (and it's a good one). Having gone to hear Stephanie Pearl McPhee, and then having been inspired to blog about knitting, I found myself wondering what to call the blog. I recalled a conversation I had with Mouse and the Chicken Goddess about why it is a Bad Idea to anger knitters - this conversation was following SPM, aka the Yarn Harlot telling the assembled throng about Those Who Do Not Understand Knitting and Therefore Belittle It Much to the Chagrin of Others, or TWDNUKTBMCO, which is not the acronym she used but is the one I'm using because I forgot hers - that is, we are numerous and we all have very pointy sticks, easily transforming into an angry mob. Therefore, knitters = angry mob.
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2 Responses to My head is full of fluid.

  1. Flawed says:

    Yeah, you know? And it really seemed like the Dude wasn’t you know, like, a character but more like Jeff Bridges just being…Jeff Bridges…man.

    Incidentally – Frank also loves TMBG. Talking point!

    • HappyGoth says:

      Yay! Perhaps one day we will forget how much of a jerk I was at Legal Seafood back when (or maybe I just perceive myself as being a jerk – “I’ll buy you dinner! PSYCHE. I can’t expense it. Too bad!”

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