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I can’t sing.

(Photo by flickr user fofurasfelinas.) This is a complete surprise to me, actually, since I was in choir in junior high. Anyway. As part of a 64 Kalas (the 64 skills laid out by the Kamasutra as making up a … Continue reading

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Some things I am good at. Others? Not so much. My mom brought some dhokla mix to share, and so instead of cooking it in a pressure cooker (like I think you’re supposed to), I cooked it in a big … Continue reading

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Marriott + DragonCon = FAIL

POST EDIT: I have a room at the Sheraton. I have discovered that the majority of All My Favorite People (TM) also have booked rooms at the Sheraton. Coupled with the fact that there will be no loud revelers at … Continue reading

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Not much.

Which is what I got done last night. So. I came home Wednesday and the husband said, “Your computer won’t turn on.” Well, crap. I tried it and lo and behold, he was right (not that I doubted him at … Continue reading

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Sari fail.

In which I experience more of Indian culture without actual reference other than the internet, and embarass myself voluntarily on the internet. I bought my first sari on Friday. I had debated over various styles and had visited numerous sari … Continue reading

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I’m such a klutz.

I counted this morning and I have five mysterious bruises, all of which are on extremities, and all of which involved me running into furniture at some point. The most irritating one is on the back of my hand, which … Continue reading

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I have

New purpose! And a plan! I have three things to accomplish by the end of the month. They are knitting related. They are as follows: 1. Finish the socks of infinity. I am nearly there, but my resolve is waning. … Continue reading

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In which I am red in the face

And the Tsarina of Tsocks herself points out that there is a chart for the angel cuff in the pattern book. Did I mention I always do things the difficult, convoluted way? I forsee much speedy progress being made in … Continue reading

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