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Important life lesson (or, navel-gazing, part 3)

I am not old enough that I have learned all very important life lessons (I don’t think anybody, regardless of age, ever learns them all). Today was one that has been in the works for a while. The secret to … Continue reading

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That’s a lot of knitting.

Guerilla Knitting in Australia. Yep. That’s a whole public toilet. Kinda makes you want to finish all those UFOs, not?

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Why I knit, #28

At least I think it’s 28. Anyway. I knit, because (this will come as a surprise to you non-knitters) it defies the order of the space-time continuum. I shall explain. Do you remember reading Madeline L’Engle books? More specifically, A … Continue reading

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I’ll have another, thanks.

(the highlight of the weekend was like this, but with green tea ice cream, no bananas, and watermelon. totally refreshing, and also something I’m glad I can’t eat for every meal, because I totally would, and I’d convince myself it … Continue reading

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Cornography, originally uploaded by Grant Hamilton. I am in love with this set; it totally inspires me to get out my Holga and see what I can do with it.

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Fiber Friday!

Since I am without the means to increase my stash (and really, given the space alloted for said stash, I shouldn’t increase it, even if I have the means), I’m starting this new thing to live vicariously through the internet … Continue reading

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I was going to post something angry and inflammatory about the new Girl Scout cookie knockoffs from WalMart, but then I read the comments on the article, and discovered a really intelligent discourse on both sides. Still, my opinion is … Continue reading

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Light day.

I don’t have much to offer today, except for some wonderful, awful, beautiful machine-knitted sweaters: German design company produces 3-D sweater. Yep. On the way back to work from running errands, I was delighted to be behind a fellow who … Continue reading

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Awwww yeah.

Science is so awesome. I heart it. This is also incredibly creepy, in an inanimate blob sort of way.

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New craft!

Rather, an old one, revisited, which is more an art than a craft, being paintings on canvas. At any rate, my long-missing painting muse (I have not seen it since September of 2004) has returned, and I have a couple … Continue reading

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