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Today? She is soapbox day. I’m not talking about those little cars Boy Scouts race (everybody knows those races are for the dads, anyhow); I am talking about being on one. I have been jumping on them all day. I … Continue reading

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Ahahahahaha. My life will not be complete until I see this film. (I have really bad taste in movies.)

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Some good news and some bad.

Not as bad as you think, but certainly irritating. First that (I like to finish on a positive note). Some weirdo friggin’ stole my hanging plants from off my porch! Bastards! Either they did it while I was in the … Continue reading

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I smell dead people.

Okay. Perhaps that was unnecessarily gross. Probably. This weekend was full of a lot of things, but mostly going to Westview Cemetery with Gabbiana, which was awesome (I like that I have friends who get excited at the prospect of … Continue reading

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Dirty Pool, UPS

Dirty pool. That’s not the way to play the game. Seriously. Try something else, because this strategy is really lame. What do I mean by this? Well. UPS is attempting to pass a bill that reclassifies FedEx from being a … Continue reading

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Aw, man.

This choli is going to be weird. To compensate, I’m watching old episodes of Making Fiends. Oh, Vendetta, you wily grump.

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Why I knit, #24

Knitting is something I never feel the need to purge. I’m a compulsive clutterer. I attribute this somewhat to being the granddaughter of a Depression-era housewife, and somewhat to my personality and also somewhat to being an artist. Whatever the … Continue reading

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HEE HEE HEE Aw, yeah.

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Learn Hindi from Bollywood Films

Super-educational: No, really. I now know how to intimidate people in a melodramatic fashion (and I finally know what phir milenge means). Best. Podcast. Ever.

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No more magenta

It was eye-searing and made my photos look funny. Back to white (ahhhh….)

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